Painting Milly

I’m so excited! My art is really starting to get me noticed, not only in my local community but in the city as well. I seem so far from my days of the arty party!

My mum came to me the other day and said that she had received a call from the Mayor’s wife. They wanted me to paint a portrait of their daughter and her lovely new addition to the family – a little baby girl. Another piece that would be part of the painting was an important family heirloom – a baby blanket that had been handed down in the family for the last three generations.

Excited, you bet!

Of course, I agreed straight away, I mean, who wouldn’t? I must admit, though, I was a little nervous as I had never painted a baby and her mother before. The necessary arrangements were made, and a couple of days later, we were off to the Mayor’s house! What an absolutely gorgeous home! It wasn’t as big as I thought it would be but it managed to blend modern elegance and older, antique pieces. Mrs. Liddell, the Mayor’s wife sure had some good taste!massive garden2

The thing I loved the most was the massive garden. In fact, it was such a beautiful day that I suggested we throw the blanket down under a large oak tree and that I would paint Milly and her mother there.

Beautiful Milly and her stunning baby blanket

At first, Milly was far more interested in moving around. I guess I would have been as well, with the sun streaming through the branches of the massive oak. It made it kind of hard to paint her though, so I focused on her mum at that point. At least she sat still!  

Milly still had plenty of energy by the time I was ready to focus on her, so next I moved onto the beautiful baby blanket. It had been sewn together from a range of different pieces and was extremely colourful – just like the one I had practised on using an image from my laptop. 

Eventually, Milly got tired and settled down. She actually fell asleep propped up next to her mom, and as it was getting late, we took a photo of her like that so that I could finish the painting at home. Mrs. Liddell treated us to some awesome lemonade and some scones before we packed up and said our goodbyes.

In the next week, I finished off the painting – it came out far better than I could have ever imagined. I really think it is my best piece yet.

An unveiling!

I had the best idea for the unveiling. We went back to the Mayor’s house, and I placed the painting on a tiny easel. We then covered it with Milly’s blanket. Of course, when her mum took her close to it, she immediately wanted it and she slowly pulled off, revealing the painting underneath.

Everyone loved my artwork and started coming up with more commissions on the spot! Both myself and mum were very excited!