My world comes crashing down!

After the highs of Milly’s portrait, my life came crashing down the very next week in the most horrible way.

Now I have always been a bit accident prone, but I have never really hurt myself very badly – up until now that is! We had our regular kiddies art classes, and while myself and Mum were cleaning up, I slipped on a stray wax crayon, fell awkwardly and hurt my ankle very badly.

Mum was very concerned and thought that I might have broken it. She immediately called the ambulance, and they came and rushed me off to the hospital. Luckily for me, it was not broken, just sprained very badly. I don’t like hospitals at all, and I was extremely glad when the doctor sent me straight home. He did give my mum a whole lot of bandages, ointments and painkillers and some very strict instructions!

Cushion rest, foot up, no walking!

bed near desk with lots of cushions around it

I hate it when I am sick or hurt myself in any way. I love to be active but this time, I realized that rest was going to be important. Maybe I could use it to my advantage! The doctor had said I should try not to move my ankle for two weeks at least to allow it to recover. He advised me to have it raised as much as possible – thankfully my mum had recently bought some cushions from this place that were perfect for providing height and comfort.

So I thought about my art and areas that I need to improve in. Although I love pencil drawing, I am not that good at it. Practice makes perfect they say, so I decided that I would spend the next two weeks only working on my pencil drawings.

art drawing resources

So between myself, my mum and a whole lot of cushions, we managed to make me very comfortable at my drawing desk. I then needed something to draw. I didn’t want anything too easy. Throwing myself in at the deep end was the only way that I was going to improve my pencil drawings.

A beautiful subject

Mum has a beautiful brooch that she got from my gran as a wedding gift from She practically wears it every day, so I asked her if she minded giving it up for a bit so it could be the subject of my drawings. To be honest, she loves it very much, but she knew that it would make a great subject for a pencil drawing, and she loves me more, so she agreed!

I knew this would be tough to get right and even though I decided to take things slow, my first five attempts were horrible. Luckily, just as I was about to give up, mom came to give me some words of encouragement. She knew that if I was happy with my pencil drawing technique, it could become another class that I could offer to the kids.

So on my sixth attempt at drawing her brooch, I got a start that I was very happy with. I took my time, working on getting an outline first and then the all-important detailing. Finally, once I was satisfied with all of that, I moved onto getting the correct shading.

hand drawn picture of brooch

After five days, I had what I wanted. Although it wasn’t perfect, it was a hundred percent better than any of my other pencil drawings I had completed before. My ankle even felt a little better, but I kept it rested on the cushions of for the next week and started more pencil drawing projects. Might be a while before I’m back exercising.

Maybe the sprained ankle wasn’t a bad thing after all!