My “Learn to Sketch” workshop for kids with disabilities

This day is dragging sooo slowly!  I can’t wait for tomorrow as I will be running my second “Learn to Sketch” workshop, although I shouldn’t wish away the time as we still have a few things to do to make sure we are totally ready.

Mom’s great idea


My mom originally came up with the idea for the workshops.  It is a way that I can help that they too have an exhibition someday just like me!

Mom also wants to make sure that the parents get a break from care, so on the day we have care givers come in who help with the kids while I lead the class in sketching.   The parents are welcome to watch and some even join in which is always fun.  Other parents choose to take some time off and head out to the city.

Workshop structure

We will break the workshop into two sessions.

  • Session 1: Here we will sketch a basic object.  For this workshop I have chosen a travel wallet that looks a lot like this one after I saw my sister’s one lying on the table when she recently returned from her trip to Thailand.  It is made of leather and would be something that would be great to try and draw because it is a nice easy shape.  It also has beautiful textures that we can use to try to learn basic shading techniques.  The other great thing about it is that it is filled with detail for example, the zipper and press studs on the wallet.
  • Session 2: We will move outside for this session. All the kids will get to relax on some picnic rugs on the lawn as we draw the old oak tree at the bottom of the garden.  I love to sit outside on a picnic rug and just sketch things I see.  It’s how I started out and that’s why I want to do the same with the kids.  Drawing the old oak tree is a little more difficult, but the kids can choose to draw any part of it. I knew I defintiely wanted to get the kids outside so ordered a few picnic rugs from this wonderful store which delivered them to my door!

More to come


I really love having these workshops and I already have plans for extending them to other parts of the city.  I think giving the parents of these kids a little break is a great idea and they really appreciate it.  I can also share my love of art with all these children and help them find hidden talents they might not be aware of.  I also love helping the children realise that their disability doesn’t have to hold them back in life and that they can do anything that they set their minds to.