My first exhibition

Only a week to go till my first ever exhibition!  I have dreamed of this moment every day since I started painting.  I love painting and now I can share my passion with others and I can’t wait!

Mom is so proud!


My whole family is super excited for me, especially my mom.  She said to me the other day, “Vicky, I am so proud of you.  Your art is helping to show that people with disabilities can achieve whatever they put their minds to.”  She is right you know. I have never let my disability hold me back!  Every day I am determined to do what I have set my mind on and with the help of my family, friends and my own willpower I can achieve anything!

Let me tell you a little more about my exhibition.  It is called “Beautiful Down Under – Landscape Art of Australia” and it is taking place in the Café Nouveau, a lovely little place in town.  It really is a unique idea, an eatery by day (they make the best toasted sandwiches) and an art gallery by night.  They focus on displaying the work of local artists and approached me about a month ago to have an exhibition.

Mom and I had had a few meetings with the owner, Claudia.  These were basically to discuss the logistics and finer details for the evening.  We popped in last night to see another exhibition and just to get a feel for everything.  I like to plan ahead and know exactly what to expect!

What a beautiful venue


floor lampI was amazed how beautiful the venue looks by night!  They use lighting to such a great effect and it helps to turn the artwork into the real stars of the evening.

Each painting is lit by a pendant light which hangs down from the ceiling and illuminates the area where the painting is found.  The lights themselves are thoroughly modern and silver in colour and they provide just enough light for each painting.  It really creates a unique atmosphere, quite cozy in fact.

To maintain the cozy feeling, floor lamps have been placed strategically throughout the middle of the venue where the fabulous glass pendant lights do not provide any lighting.  This is also where the food and drinks tables are situated.  The floor lamps are beautiful as well; we just need to be careful with them, I don’t want any broken!

In a week’s time, my art will be up on the walls with people inspecting it!  I am excited and nervous at the same time!  When it all finally happens, I hope I don’t get too overwhelmed.

First things first though! On Wednesday I have an art workshop for kids with disabilities.   This will be the second one I am running and if the first is anything to go by our sides will be sore from all the laughter!