My world comes crashing down!

After the highs of Milly’s portrait, my life came crashing down the very next week in the most horrible way. Now I have always been a bit accident prone, but I have never really hurt myself very badly – up until now that is! We had our regular kiddies art classes, and while myself and […]

Painting Milly

I’m so excited! My art is really starting to get me noticed, not only in my local community but in the city as well. I seem so far from my days of the arty party! My mum came to me the other day and said that she had received a call from the Mayor’s wife. […]

Using art to decorate my home!

Well those exercises have really helped a lot!  I have managed to do them every day and even Dad is still going at it with his resistance bands! Time for a change Now that I am no longer that stiff, Mom and I started redecorating my studio.  This is something that I have wanted to […]

My first exhibition

Only a week to go till my first ever exhibition!  I have dreamed of this moment every day since I started painting.  I love painting and now I can share my passion with others and I can’t wait! Mom is so proud! My whole family is super excited for me, especially my mom.  She said […]

Flexibility is key!

I have really struggled with a lot of stiffness lately and Mom suggested that a trip to my physiotherapist would probably help. I have been in and out of doctor’s offices my whole life, so I don’t really like going if I don’t have to.  I decided that it was probably better that I go […]

Arty Party!

I can’t stop smiling!   My exhibition was a massive success!  I was even interviewed by the local radio news and my picture appeared in the local paper the next day.  Dad says I am the family’s first celebrity! The thing I was most happy about is that I received orders for five of my landscape […]

My Artability Blog is coming soon!

Welcome to my blog! On here you will read about my life as an artist and as a person living with a disability. I am passionate about art and about how art can help others with a disability also.. My first real post will be coming soon.