Arty Party!

I can’t stop smiling!   My exhibition was a massive success!  I was even interviewed by the local radio news and my picture appeared in the local paper the next day.  Dad says I am the family’s first celebrity!

The thing I was most happy about is that I received orders for five of my landscape works, how amazing is that?  I really could not be happier!


Mom’s gift

I have wanted a record player for some time now, but never got around to buying one for myself.  Mom decided to get one for me and gave it to me as a gift halfway through our party.  Dad brought out all his old records and soon everybody was dancing and singing along to Grease!  You should see my Dad’s dance moves!  Who knew he could do that? So many people were asking Mum where she got it so she had to let slip that she bought it online at this store:

Everyone really had a great time including the kids from the workshop who all were smiling from ear to ear!


I had a great idea to celebrate!  I asked Mom and Dad if we could hold a party in their back garden for friends, family and kids from my workshop.  I think a party will be a great way to just finish off what has been the most amazing couple of weeks of my life.  Once again, I have not let my disability hold me back!  Art is my way of showing what people with disabilities are capable of and I am so thankful for that.

We decided that Dad would barbeque for all the guests.   He is a great chef actually!  Mom suggested that we setup a “Smoothie Bar” as a refreshment station.  Carly is a fitness freak and she drinks smoothies every morning, so she volunteered to man the bar.  The kids from the workshop will love the smoothies for sure!


Mom and I drew up some invitations and sent them out.   The party was scheduled for the next Saturday.

The morning of the party arrived and many things had to be setup.  We hired a fancy metal bar and some stunning modern bar stools and set them out by the old oak tree.  Carly and her friends started cutting fruit for the smoothies.  Wow, they had a lot to cut up, I am glad I missed out on that!

At 2pm everybody started arriving and the party began. The bar stools were fun!  Not only did they look great, but they could be adjusted up and down.  Everybody took turns sitting on them at their highest level and then pulling the lever which made the seat slowly float down to the bottom.  It felt like you were travelling on air.  Of course the “Smoothie Bar” was a great hit!  Carly sure knows how to make some mean smoothies!