Hi! My name is Vickie and I’m an artist with a disability. I have mild cerebral palsy and while mild, it does affect the way I life my life. My artistic talent lies in watercolour paintings and I’m most well-known for my pictures of Australian landscapes. Art is everything to me. It’s a expression of who I am and what I feel and everything in between.

I’m a big believer in helping other people with disabilities engage with visual arts. I often run workshops for children or adults with disabilities to help them find unique ways to engage in the arts.

My blog is about my life so you will find a lot in here about art. I have a passion that runs so deep that quote often it’s all I think about on any given day! You will also find some content about my disability and about how I’ve helped others with disabilities engage in art.

I do hope you enjoy! If you’d like to mack contact then please do so using this form.